It's Your Decision, A Commonsense Guide to Making Better Choices - The Book

 Your life is only as good as the results of the decisions you make.

FACT:  The better you are at making decisions, the more favorable the outcomes will be.

FACT:  The more favorable the outcomes, the more satisfied you will be with your life!

It’s Your Decision will help you gain control of your life by helping you to understand the process of decision-making.  You will learn practical, common sense approaches to help you make decisions regarding your living and work environments, your relationships, your overall health and wellness, your leisure activities, and those concerning your education, major, and career.

It is the choices you make in these "big ticket" areas that will have the greatest impact on the overall quality of your life.  Although you have probably already made some major decisions in these areas, it is the decisions that you make from now on that will matter the most.  Making better decisions will give you a great deal of satisfaction and the confidence, when you look back on your life, to respond to the question, "What kind of life did you have?" with "I had a GREAT life!"

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ISBN: 9781438905341
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