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A great resource, June 22, 2009
By Reader Views "" (Austin, Texas)
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (6/09)

The authors, both of whom are very experienced professionals, have written a very concise and informative book on how one can learn to make good decisions.

We all have made some choices in our lives that didn't turn out so well. Now with the help of this book, we can learn to make better choices from the minute we start reading this book.

The important question that we all ask at one time or another is "What kind of life did you have? Can we look back and say we were satisfied with how our lives turned out or will we have many regrets.

"It's Your Decision" by Al Foderaro and Denise Schmidt has many topics from deciding on a job or school to making life-changing choices. It is easy to read and understand and would be a great resource to read again and again.


A simple and novel approach, December 22, 2008
By Jason Young (Morristown, New Jersey United States) Customer Reviews

I am a parent of a high school student that will soon be needing to choose a college and a major. My son has been lacking direction, and I didn't want to make those important decisions for him. I was referred to the authors' website and I ended up buying this book. It was short and easy enough that I had no problem getting my son to read it (I read it in about 90 minutes), and it seemed to give him enough guidance to approach his decisions in a practical manner without me having to think for him for a change. The other day, I found him researching a school on his own, so I am more than happy. The price is a little steep for such a simple book, but the content is worth it.